Artist spotlight 01: TWSTD ZOO


I have really been vibing with this duo from Los Angeles. If their name is anything to go by, their originals and remixes are uniquely “twisted” and bipolar (in a good way, not a crazy ex kind of way). No two songs are the same, and each song has a different combination of EDM genres. One second you’ll be breaking your neck to some ph-ph-PHAAAT bass, then you’ll be nodding to fast paced psy-trance, and finally crying about the first girl who broke your heart to some Seven Lions style melodic synths.

I discovered them on a post they shared on Subtle Asian Ravers. They’re just starting out with ~13K monthly listeners on Spotify. I reckon they’re gonna be huge! Please check our their work:

3 Recommended Songs To Get Started

1. ARMNHMR – Here With Me (feat. Nevve) (TWSTD ZOO Remix): link

This is my favourite song of theirs with a great mix of many different genres. I prefer it over the original with the extra energy they inject into it. Some genres I’ve been able to spot:

  • 1:02: Can’t go wrong with some bass that sounds like robots having sex; then it unexpectedly breaks into …
  • 1:44: fast paced techno/trance; finally settling you into …
  • 3:00: some beautiful, catchy melodic synths that you don’t hear that often. I can’t describe it kinda sounds like a robot humming a catchy tune.

2. TWSTD ZOO – Tell Me (feat. Javlin): link

The melodic techno synths are a consistent theme throughout the song with the hook at 3:16 being my favourite. It like how the melody slows down and then comes back with an extra half beat.

Don’t forget to “ride the rail” at 1:45 with that phat bass.

3. TWSTD ZOO – Hot: link

My favourite parts of the song are:

  • 1:34: Heavy bass (again, it sounds like robots having sex)
  • 2:36: Really fast paced psy-trance that reminds me The Tribe by Vini Vici and of the good times I had at DreamState

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