Diamond Eyes – Night life EP (+Q&A)

Diamond Eyes - Night life EP

This week the ‘Night life‘ EP by UK producer/vocalist/sushi lover Diamond Eyes will be released on Disciple Recordings. The EP features 3 original Dubstep/Electro tunes and an awesome remix by 501.

What makes Diamond Eyes so special as an artist is that made the whole EP (including the vocals and mixdown) himself. Quite impressive because this is one high quality release.

I spoke with Diamond Eyes about his EP, his singing to the Disciple family and the 501 remix.

Can you introduce yourself to us?

Hey! My name is Joshua Marment better known as ‘Diamond Eyes’ I’m a twenty year young musician/producer & I have an addiction to Sushi…

You are a new addition to the Disciple family. How did you become a member and how did you celebrate the signing?

It actually started back in October last year, I saw Disciple posting on twitter & they tweeted something like “What Is everybody up to this weekend?” & I replied with “Making tunes & eating cookies” (or something like that) I got a reply asking to send in what I was working on & then I did & they liked it! So here we are today, One EP later! Well they took me out to this place called ‘Zar Zars’ which is this buffet the size of a warehouse, literally EVERY SINGLE TYPE OF FOOD IMAGINABLE WAS THERE, we’re talking american to indian, chinese to mexican & so much more, we had a blast… Although I was put to shame by ‘Rossy’ (One half of Disciple & Astronaut) who managed to gobble seven plates down… + Dessert!

Which of the tracks on the EP is most special to you?

I’d have to say ‘Rivers’ & ‘A thousand Years’ they’re both actually very close to my heart, I wrote them whilst recovering from a break up, we had planned to travel around Europe together & it ended just before we were going to book our tickets, so yeah… I guess you could say that the ‘Feels’ were very real. But Alas, they were very therapeutic & helped me move on, which means now I can share them with you all! Happy days.

How did the 501 remix come about?

The 501 remix actually came about thanks to ‘Disciple Recordings’ they know 501 personally, so they sent him the track & the next thing you know… boom! A remix from 501, which at first was very surreal, as I’ve always listened to his music.

Why should people who are unfamiliar with your work buy this EP? Can you give us a sales pitch?

Hmm… ok, listen to this… *Cue heart throbbing music* Meet Joshua (Me) He is a young producer living in a cardboard box behind McDonalds trying to make ends meet by playing drums on a tin can & singing into thin air, with your donation you can help Joshua out from his cardboard home & fit him with enough clothes for a week & a roof over his head… Call in now to buy his Extended Play (E.P.) Record & help change his life for the better, thank you. haha! But seriously, it’s more than just tracks, theres depth behind it, they’re songs with meaning which will hopefully relate & resonate with the audience, I want them to feel something & to think to themselves “Yeah, I totally understand where he is coming from” or “I’ve been there” Plus there’s loads of vocals & cool bass notes & such.

Final shootout:

What’s your favourite movie of all time and why?

Despicable Me, Because… Banana.

Which three tracks couldn’t you miss in your life?

01. Owl City – Vanilla Twilight
02. Moving Mountains – The Cascade
03. Joe Satriani – Just Look Up

What do you see yourself doing five years from now? Do you have any special goals?

Diamond Eyes, but on a MUCH bigger scale! So Touring around the world, with more developed singing & the ability to play new instruments… I’d like to have 20k fans by the end of the year + a song on radio one too! Also I’ve got an ‘albums’ worth of Alternate/Post/Rock material I’d like to record, so maybe that’d be a different avenue for Diamond Eyes? Who knows? Plus like a million other goals, but we’d be here all day If I started going on too much… Have a great week man! Thanks guys, you too!

Released: 21/04/2014

Label: Disciple Recordings

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