Plump DJs – Roll Dope Rhymes (+Q&A)

Plump DJs - Roll Dope Rhymes

Lee Rous and Andy Gardner, better knows as the Plump DJs, have released a brand new single called ‘Roll Dope Rhymes’. This funk fuelled summer sizzler is a first taste of their upcoming album.

The duo, who are early pioneers of breakbeat, have toured through Australia, the Far East, Canada, USA and Europe (including residencies at XOYO and The Nest in their home city of London) over the last 12 months. In addition to the heavy touring they also set up their own Grand Hotel label and launched tracks such as ‘Hammer House’, ‘Super Imploder’ and ‘Skylon’ to the underground which ended up gaining support from the likes of BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac, A-Trak and Porter Robinson.

I spoke with the guys about their new single, the accompanying video and the production process of their upcoming album.

Your new single has a great retro feel to it. Who/what is currently inspiring you when producing?

Yes the record has a retrospective feel, we were brought up on disco, and made the hip hop of the 90s our own. It’s a real ‘do what you feel’ recording. We have recently been inspired by the sheer quality and volume of new disco being produced and enjoyed in London.

The accompanying video about a girl wandering the streets of London after a nuclear disaster is intriguing. Where did this idea come from?

The concept for the vid came from ace creative production house HUTCH. The feel of the record was kind of old school 80s electro and we are all fond of that era of moviemaking and music. We feel we have a responsibility to bring as much content to to fore with each release as possible, for the forthcoming records each will have bespoke artwork and video leading to our new compilation album in November.

‘Roll Dope Rhymes’ is the first in a series of singles that will eventually result in an album. How far are you currently with the production process?

We are in the middle of the production process with this project at the moment, having been experimenting and learning a great deal over the past year or so. A time when our output has been intentionally low comparatively, this has meant that we have been able to improve and practice our skills, so that we can bring forward more as artistes generally. We will be releasing a new record every month now for the foreseeable.

What can we expect from the album?

The album will showcase all that we love about dance music, and include many new and exclusive releases of our own that we have honed on the world DJ circuit. Following recent performance heights we are filled with enthusiasm, and can’t wait to put the records out there where they belong, in the dark discos late at night.

Do you guys have a special ritual that you perform before you go on stage?

No strange rituals to admit here, but we do always get nervous, we do always make sure we have had the correct amount of beer to drink, and we do always have a little snap at each other at some point in the performance as the adrenaline starts to kick in!

Final shootout:

What are your favourite movies of all time and why?

There will never be a number one, but movies that are accompanied by a great soundtrack are always going to rock our world. More recently Drive hit the mark with Kavinsky’s help and classics like Scarface featuring Giorgio Moroder or Blade Runner featuring the music of Vangelis will live on in our top ten forever!

Which three tracks couldn’t you miss in your lives?

There is a time and a place for all music. Our fave dance music producers at the moment are Oliver, Nom De Strip, Sharam Jey, Alex Metric, Toyboy & Robin, DogBlood, Scream, Zinc, blah blah…

What do you see yourselves doing five years from now? Do you have any special goals?

During the week we make noises, and on the weekends we play those noises to people and they dance. As long as they continue to dance we will bring the noise.

Released: 04/08/2014

Label: Grand Hotel

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