Resistance – Heartbeat (+Q&A)

Resistance - Heartbeat

Having just released their debut EP ‘The Beginning’ on Never Say Die Records last February, top secret duo Resistance are back with two original productions. The first single ‘Heartbeat’ will be released tomorrow. This track, featuring vocals of Mila Falls, has an addictive and energizing riff that will get the crowd jumping.

Next week ‘Scanners’ will be released, a more glitchy track with a pounding bassline.

Ahead of the releases I speak with the duo about the tracks, how they keep they their identities secret from the world and their favorite movies.

You call yourselves ‘Resistance’. What do you resist?

The name came from a mixture of things. It refers to us resisting the ‘flannel’ and ‘hype’ of the music biz and turning away from the celebration of mediocre talentless “celebrities” that seems all too common. Stepping down from my soapbox…it also refers to the collaborative, sometimes resistant relationship between us both as producers. We clash heads on music and what comes together is the Resistance sound.

How long did it take to produce ‘Heartbeat’ (including the vocals by Mila Falls) and what inspired you when making that killer riff?

Probably about 2 weeks in total. We made the original track, sent it to Mila who smashed the vocal in a day or 2. We got the vocal sitting nicely in the tune and then decided the riff wasn’t good enough. We were referencing lots of stuff that we like against it and the riff was just a bit “meh”. It’s important not to work in a bubble and make sure the music you’re making will stand up to what it’ll be played next to in the club…at that point it didn’t! So, we rewrote the riff, made it a bit gnarlier, added some of Mila’s ad libs and it was ready to go!

The week after the ‘Heartbeat’ release you will fire ‘Scanners’ into the world. What’s the story behind this tune?

This is our take on ‘big room’ I guess. At the time we’d been hearing lots of tunes with a particular sound and thought “ok…what if we tried that…but made it a bit ravier…and a bit angrier?”. The result is Scanners.

“Who we are is not important” That’s why your identities are still a secret. How much effort goes into keeping it that way? Have you ever been on the verge of getting exposed?

We have an expert team of hackers working day and night to keep our identities under wraps and delete all reference to our real identities from the intermaweb. It’s a full-time job. A few people have tried to catch us out but we’ve managed to stay masked for now. That’s just it though, who we are isn’t important. What is important is the music. If you like the music then that’s the main base covered!

I can’t help myself from imagining a ‘V For Vendetta’ like world around you. What’s your look on the current state of the world we live in?

OK, I don’t necessarily want to “get political” as we’re talking music here but in simple terms the system is broken. It doesn’t matter who you vote for as the government always gets in. Like I said, I’m reluctant to talk about the state of the world and what’s wrong with it as quite often people who do sound like tin-foil-hat-wearing nutjobs. I think many people are starting to get a nagging sense of disquiet and injustice about a lot of things though. Watch the Zeitgeist movies on Netflix. That’s a good starting point. Ooops, I seem to be on my soapbox again…let me step down and go make a sandwich.

Final shootout:

What are your favourite movies of all time and why?

Both of us love our movies so this is possibly one of the hardest questions to answer. Some good ones to check out are:

Anvil – The Story Of Anvil. Illustrating the struggle many musicians go through. I think we’ve all played at least one of those gigs in the early days where you travel for half a day to play to 4 people and a goat.

The King Of Kong – Another documentary, this time about the World Donkey Kong Champion. We want to be him…….ok, maybe not.

Wolf Of Wall Street – Some say the party scenes in this were modelled on how we party after gigs. Some say that the dwarf throwing scene was inspired by our Twitter conversation about throwing Eptic into a bath of beans. But then again, maybe not. Great film though.

Which three tracks couldn’t you miss in your lives?

There’s so much good music out there of every genre it’s virtually impossible to single out 3. Some that never grow old are:

Jimi Hendrix – All All Along The Watchtower. One of the few covers that is actually better than the original. Pure quality from start to finish. Got a lot of time for Jimi.

Joey Beltram – Energy Flash. Dark as foooooook! We’re just a touch too young to have heard this in a rave but I bet it brought the screwfaces out. Techno before techno was techno! Epic.

The Prodigy – Break & Enter. Made in 1994 but still sounds fresh. Massively inspiring.

What do you see yourselves doing five years from now? Do you have any special goals?

In five years time….hmmmm…Retiring on a medium sized island somewhere maybe?

In the meantime we’re just looking to make good music, establish Resistance and build on the success and fanbase we’ve built so far.

Released: 14/04/2014

Label: No Tomorrow Recordings

Purchase: Coming Soon!

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